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  1. Diamond

    • Skylight is a smart profiler that lets you quickly diagnose and resolve performance issues with your Rails apps where it matters: in production. It's built by the fine folks at Tilde Inc, who have spent the last few years building open source projects like Ember, Handlebars and Rails itself. Visit to start your free trial.

    • Wasmer is an open-source WebAssembly runtime built with Rust. It enables developers to run standalone WebAssembly binaries or embed a WebAssembly runtime in their applications. It also recently launched a package manager dedicated to WebAssembly packages:

  2. Gold

    • Ferrous Systems provides consulting, training, and made-to-measure solutions based on our expertise in the Rust programming language. Let us help give your business a boost by making your embedded, networking, or distributed systems faster and more reliable. Ferrous Systems: Rust Knowledge Collected.

    • Baidu X-Lab is the research lab developing the core security capabilities across Baidu’s products and services. The team focus on the areas of threat intelligence, NextGen mobile security, modern enterprise security defense, and more. The X-Lab has made outstanding achievements, which have been recognized globally by Internet software vendors, service providers, as well as international security communities. The X-Lab has released several open source Rust projects: Rust SGX SDK, MesaLock, MesaLink.

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